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At blocqX, we thrive at the convergence of web3, blockchain, gaming, metaverse, and NFTs. As a company with diversified investments, we specialize in infrastructure, digital assets, and AI-driven blockchain technology.

Our mission is to foster and support teams that push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating and innovating meaningful experiences in the virtual world that seamlessly connect with the physical world. We believe in bridging the gap between digital and physical products into the new Phygital experience.

In this era of digital transformation, we envision a paradigm shift from the exploitation of user data to the empowerment of user-generated content and intent. Using smart contracts and blockchain technology, we aim to enable individuals to take control of their digital footprint and ownership of content and assets.

We firmly believe that the future will be decentralized, and at blocqX, we are actively involved in building and investing in that future. By embracing decentralization and leveraging the power of blockchain, we strive to shape a world where individuals have autonomy, ownership, and meaningful interactions within the virtual landscape.

With our partners, stakeholders, and the vibrant web3 community, blocqX is dedicated to driving innovation, advancing technology, and contributing to the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey toward an immersive decentralized future.

“Data Pool” by Decrypt Glitch Black
Featured on Decrypt Media
blocqX Vault holding

blocqX NFT vault

“Mind of the Masses” by Glitch Black
Featured on Decrypt Media
blocqX Vault holding

FEWOCiOUS “Giving My Heart Away” (Featured on Sotheby’s and Christie’s)
blocqX Vault holding

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blocqX Music 24/7 Live Stream

The blocqX 24/7 live stream music channel streams lofi chill music. Now you can listen to how blocqX combines NFT’s, Music, and Art from world renowned artist Ali Sabet.

The X
An Immersive NFT VR Experience

Welcome to the next evolution of the Blue Chip NFT

9 Legendary Commanders and 6,500 Legionnaires will descend on the Metaverse and begin the quest to find “The ONE”

Coming Summer 2022


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